Istanbul Nightlife

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If you decide to visit Istanbul, then the nightlife of this city will surely impress you and offer you unforgettable moments, especially if you go on holiday with friends who like to have fun.  In case you don’t know exactly what to do in this wonderful city, then this article will definitely help you understand better what Istanbul has to offer in terms of nightlife, and therefore, you can choose what suits you best.


Are you looking for a bar/club in Istanbul, where you can have a fantastic nigh-out? If so, then we highly recommend you Unter. This bar/club is located in Karakoy, a cool neighbourhood. The interior is decorated urban chic, and a night spent here with friends will definitely be a night to remember.

Limonlu Bachce

If you want a quite place to go in the evening, then you should choose Limonlu Bachce. The vibe of this place is quite youthful, and the menu is not only Turkish, but international as well. A place like thiswill surely make your holiday absolutely great.

Nardis Jazz Club     

 Jazz lovers can enjoy a night at the Nardis Jazz Club. Here, the music is extremely relaxing, not to talk about the lighting, which is absolutely superb. There are lots of new artists that play here regularly. Furthermore, each week, the club is hosting an international band. In the past, Ibrahim Ferrer, Benny Golson and others have been here.                                                                                                                            

Escort club

There are people who want to try new experiences on their holiday and this also includes requesting the services of escorts. Therefore, if you want to do this as well, then in this vibrant city you can make your dream come true. There are many istanbul escorts clubs around there, where you can choose between many nationalities of girls. Keep in mind that privacy is definitely guaranteed.     


Very talented musicians come here to sing all the time, due to the fact that the club supports them to sing. Here you can find a bar, a radio station, and even electro-swing nights. Therefore, if you prefer dancing and DJ’s, then you must go to Babylon. Lots of people of all ages come here to spend a fantastic night with their friends.     


Again if you want to dance all night long and listen to great DJ’s, then Beat will offer you exactly what you want. People usually have fun here until 4, even 5 AM in the morning, which means that you and your friends must be ready for a crazy night out. This club has two floors with 2 different music types. If you want you can listen from R&B music to electro house. Beat gets quite crowded after 2 AM.

Nublu Istanbul               

If you and your friends would like to listen to some quality live music, then this place is perfect for your taste. You will enjoy a night with good jazz, electronic music, and even indie. Nublu Istanbul is without a doubt one of the most popular places in this country.

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