The Tourism in Turkey is Back Again After the Terror Attacks and Russian Bans

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In the past few years, many people decided not to go to Turkey, even if they planned to, due to the terror attacks that this country had to deal with. Fortunately, this is not an issue anymore today, and you can safely choose this country as the destination of your next holiday. The tourism in Turkey is definitely back again after the terror attacks and Russian bans.  Here is more information about this situation, so that you can draw your own conclusion.

2016 – A  Difficult Year for Turkey 

This year has definitely been a very difficult one for Turkey. In this year, have taken place the horrific terror attacks, including  some assaults on German tourists in the city’s Ataturk international airport, and in Istanbul as well. Due to these unpleasant events, this country’s tourism has seriously been affected. There were many people who didn’t have Turkey in plan for their next holiday anymore, due to security reasons. Lots of them have chosen other destinations, where they could feel safe at all times, and not be afraid that a terror attack could take place near them.

According to the IMF, the 2016 Turkey tourism crisis shaved nearly 1% of this country’s domestic product, and that led to an extremely serious and negative drop in foreign currency inflows. Problems have actually started when Russia banned charter holidays to this country, given the fact that one of its fighter jets has been shot down in 2015, by the Turkish military. This awful event took place over the Syrian border at the end of November. Therefore, Russians, the second largest visitors after Germans, vanished. By May 2016, Turkey has experienced a drop of 92% Russian tourists, which was quite surprising as this country never had to deal with a drop like this. However, this negative situation didn’t last more than 18 months.

How Are the Things Today

Fortunately, today, things for Turkey are absolutely fantastic. It has as many tourists as it used to have in the past, and people forgot about what happened in 2016. A considerable increased of visitors has been noticed from last year. Locals say that beaches that were nearly empty in 2016, the next year were extremely full by tourists, and they hope that in 2018 things will be the same, or even better. One thing is sure when it comes to Turkey, and that would be the fact that the sea and the beaches are without a doubt amazing. Tourism plays a very important role in this country, and if it doesn’t work properly, there could be serious economical problems. A drop of tourism of one year, maximum two, is acceptable, as Turkey can easily and quickly recover after a negative situation like this, but if it lasts more than this, then the problems could become very serious. The security plays a very important role, and as long as it is well established, terror attacks should not take place anymore, and people can feel safe at all times, especially those who plan to visit this beautiful country. With so many luxurious resorts and amazing places to see and experience, there is now wonder that Turkey is in the top countries that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.



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