Top 5 Best Hotels in Istanbul

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Are you planning to visit Istanbul but you do not know where to stay? If you find yourself in a confusing situation like this then you definitely need some help. Therefore, take a look at the following top 5 best hotels in Istanbul that will certainly make your stay a comfortable and wonderful one.

1.Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet                                                           

This is the best hotel in Istanbul in our opinion due to the fact that it has not only amazing rooms, but it is also located in the Old City, where the views are absolutely amazing. The rooms are spacious, decorated in a classic style with antique furniture items. The hotel also has some apartments as well, in case you want more space than just a room. Furthermore, for a plus of relaxation, you can use the spa, and enjoy the popular Sunday brunch.


Peradays is another great place to stay while you are in Istanbul. All the rooms from here have an air conditioning and they are extremely comfortable. This hotel is located very close to the Sishane metro station and the shopping mall. In only 5-minute walk you can get the underground or go for a shopping session. Couples all over the world liked this hotel due to the privacy and comfort that it offers. Furthermore, the price is quite reasonable, which is certainly an advantage.

3.Raffles Istanbul       

 On the third place in our top is this hotel. It is situated in Zorlu Centre, and it has not only an indoor pool but an outdoor one as well. More than this, there is also a sauna, a fitness centre, and a Turkish bath which you must definitely try. If you book your holiday online, you will have free parking. Otherwise, you need to pay for each day of your stay. The rooms are not as spacious as other hotels have, but they are without a doubt very comfortable and beautifully decorated. Furthermore, all of them have such comfortable bedding that you will most probably want to lay on it quite a lot. These days, increasingly more hotels around the world have wedge pillows, just like this location, due to the fact that visitors require them, especially pregnant women. These pillows are not only ultra comfortable and soft, but they also offer some exceptional health benefits, such as indigestion benefits, they reduce and even eliminate in some cases back and neck pains, they can help a lot individuals with glaucoma, they can even keep mucus from collecting in the back of your throat, and more. That’s why many hotels, in order to make their customers happy and attract more and more clients, invest in these innovative pillows, which can also highly improve the quality of your sleep. Therefore, if you find this advantage and amazing one and you want to benefit from it while you visit Istanbul, then you should not hesitate and book a room at Raffles Istanbul.

4.Renata Boutique Hotel Sisli                                                                                         

If you want a luxurious hotel, then this hotel is one of the best choices you can make. The rooms are spacious with very comfortable beds, and air conditioning as well, so that you feel comfortable at all times, no matter how hot it is outside. For more relaxation you can use the sauna. The nearest airport is located at 16 kilometers from the property. A great advantage that most hotels do not offer is that you can enjoy a gluten-free breakfast.

5.Boutique Saint Sophia                                                                                            

This is the last hotel in our top, but not the least. It is a quite modern one, with beautiful rooms. Here you will find iPod docking stations, flat-screen TV’s with satellite channels, free WiFi, and a minibar. The wonderful marble bathrooms give an extra comfort, so that you can 100% enjoy your stay in Istanbul. Furthermore, if you are a wine lover, the café of this hotel will offer you a large range of Turkish and international wines. All in all, Boutique Saint Sophia is without a doubt one of the best choices you can make if you decide to visit Istanbul.

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